As I read and reflect upon this passage, my mind is drawn to the phrase that we are made in God’s image. What does it mean? What implications does this have for my life? The following post does this nicely:

Briefly, the attached post elaborates that to be made in God’s image is the reason why we are aesthetic, moral, and so relational. I particularly liked the insight that: “Biblically speaking, our sense of morality comes from being made in God’s image, not from being religious. And that is why atheists, like all the rest of us, have this moral sense and can act morally. The difficulty with atheism is to account for this objective basis of our morality – but all of us have it hard-wired into us (as Dawkins says) because we are in His image.” What should be the implication for us to be God’s image bearers?

Stewardship is what comes to mind. We are to be stewards of all God has given to us in our inmost being. The passions, strengths and talents that God has blessed us with for the works He created for us to do – it is our responsibility to nurture these so that we may be His vessel indeed. But sin has also done something to our ability to be good stewards of this image – for all have sinned and fall short of His Glory. Despite that though, through Christ and the Holy Spirit…it is possible….not by our might nor by power…to live out this God given image to us. How? By looking to Christ and Christ alone…….by abiding in Him. The moment we take our eyes off Him, we sink like Peter does.